The Core Program consists of competitive player training blocks linked to the competition schedules of the player. The actual hour-by-hour schedule for each individual or group will be adjusted appropriately; taking into consideration factors such as age, physical condition, educational commitments, competitive schedule, and the overall development plan of each player. In general, the players will train Monday through Saturday.

National teams from Asian nations can train at the ATC, utilizing their own national coaches, ATC coaches, or both together.

Training weeks for groups of players from countries, state/provincial associations, or private academies can be organized.

Pre-competition practice weeks prior to series of tournaments in Thailand or other Asian nations can be arranged.

ATF evaluation camps for top Asian prospects will be held periodically.

Courses and seminars for coaches will be offered as well as practical education on site.

Players may apply to attend for a week, or combination of weeks or months, or can apply to attend the Center on a full time basis (usually 10 months per year). Players applying to attend full-time to attend the Center should have demonstrated through their results in international competition their potential as high performance players.


1 ITF/ATF Development Camp 1 Under 14 10-Jan    17-Jan
2 ITF/ATF Development Camp 2 Under 16 19-Mar    1-Apr
3 ITF/ATF Development Camp 3 Under 14 1-May    13-May
4 ITF/ATF Development Camp 4 Under 16 5-Jun    18-Jun
5 ITF/ATF Development Camp 5 Under 14 3-Jul    16-Jul
6 ITF/ATF Development Camp 6 Under 14 14-Aug    27-Aug
7 ITF/ATF Deveopment Camp 7 Under 16 2-Oct    15-Oct
8 ITF/ATF Development Camp 8 Under 14 21-Nov    3-Dec
9 ITF/ATF High Performance Camp Invitational    5-Dec    16-Dec