The ATC is an international competitive training center. As such, any players nominated to come to the Center should be participating, and achieving good results, in national and/or international tournaments on a regular basis. The schedule is demanding and players should be sufficiently advanced in competitive tennis to be able to complete the workload, and, therefore, derive benefit from the ATC experience. Players under 13 years of age would require special permission to attend the ATC. Player attitudes and effort are the cornerstones of success. Lack of effort or inappropriate behavior will result in suspension from the program.

Cost of Core Program: The cost to train at the ATC 8500 Baht or US $290 per player per week.This price includes tennis coaching, physical training and dormitory accommodation on-site. Meals are not included in this price.Dormitory accommodation provided within the Core Program price is based on an occupancy rate of 2-4 players per room. If a player or coach requests a single room there will be a supplemental charge of 2000 Baht per week.In the event that there is a team manager, a relative, etc. accompanying a player, or group of players, please contact the LTAT for room rates.If a player or team chooses to stay somewhere other than the ATC hostel, the cost for training is 8000 Baht or US 265 per player per week.Meals are available at the café on-site and at numerous restaurants near the center. Estimated coat of meals: is 300 Baht (approximately US $10) per day.If possible, players should plan to arrive on Sundays and depart either on Saturdays after 15:00, or on Sundays.Contact ATC for prices for any special arrangements that do not fit precisely into the Core Program format. All fees must be paid prior to beginning a training session at the ATC. Note that there will be no refunds available for inclement weather. During the rainy season, it is rare to miss an entire day of training. The schedule will be adjusted during any rainy periods to ensure that as much play as planned is completed.Various types of tournaments, such as National Championships, ITF Junior and Futures, and other events are held at the Center from time to time. Certain weeks may not be optimum for short stays. However, training for long-term trainees will not be severely interrupted during tournaments. Applicants will be informed of any weeks where there may be some pressure on court availability.

Training weeks begin on Mondays. Saturday or Sunday arrivals are advised. Airport transfers are generally the responsibility of the participants. The ATC is located about one hour from Suvamabhumi International Airport. Taxis cost approximately 400 Baht. In the event that young players are arriving alone, airport pick-up can be arranged at a nominal charge.
Confirmation Of Dates:
The Core Program runs year-round. Contact the ATC to confirm desired dates. Not all dates will be available for short-term stays. The number of players training at the Center, at any one time, will be carefully regulated to ensure a quality experience for all participants.

All national associations, as well all players and their families that are participating in ATC programs agree, as a condition of their entry, that no claims are brought against the LTAT, ATF, ITF, or any individuals involved in the organization or coaching at the ATC, with respect to any injuries, however caused, or any losses incurred, while traveling to and from, or participating in the program. It is therefore recommended that all players have adequate medical insurance cover, which cannot be provided by the LTA, ATF or ITF. Neither the LTAT, ATF nor the ITF can accept any responsibility for providing players with such insurance cover.
In accepting a place in the ATC, the national association, the player’s family or the individual himself/herself authorizes that medical treatment can be given to any player or coach in case of emergency. It is understood that any medical treatment or travel related to leaving the camp will be the financial responsibility of the player/coach’s national association, family or themselves.

Telephone or email to confirm available dates, number of players, etc.
After available dates have been confirmed, send this form by email or fax to ATC Administration at (Attention ATC) or fax to 66-2-503-4084
The ATC Administration will confirm the dates and total price per player by email.
Each player must bring a signed copy of this application form to the ATC before any training begins.

Any accompanying coaches or officials must also submit a signed application form.
Once the application process has been completed, send in the travel details for the player(s). Any special arrangements for collection at the airport must be made five days in advance and will be organized at the players’ expense.


Date of birth
Mailing Address ?
(The National Association address and contact details can be used if the application is submitted by the National Association)
Any Applicable Ranking Information (ITF, ATP, WTA, ATF, National)
Location where the player normally trains
Name of Coach